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The Value and Danger of Predictions

Predictions are amazing! They provide hope. Inspire you to go for it knowing there will be a good outcome, but what happens when you focus on nothing but what you want to happen… that’s the danger. And yes… everybody’s favorite… more myth-busting.

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In three easy steps


Click the card deck image below to shuffle the cards.


From a neutral state of mind, ask your question.


Double-click on 3 cards.




Essential meanings: Something wonderful that is unearned and unexpected; grace that is an unforeseen gift from Spirit.
The Oracle’s Message: There are moments in life when, out of the blue, it seems that everything has been orchestrated by Divine intervention. You feel blessed in ways that are difficult to express. It’s as if the Red Sea parts in front of you, and events come together to take you away from your troubles easily and naturally. You know deep down you did not deserve any of it, and yet here you are. This is one of those times. Let awe and gratitude for all your blessings guide you now.
Relationship message: You are moving closer toward a deepening of intimacy in a unique and sacred partnership. You know you are meant to make this connection. This union is blessed by the Divine, whose very essence will bring transformation and beauty to the world. This is also a sign that, even more important, you’re being called to a deeper intimacy with yourself and Spirit. This new development is dearly blessed, and you will see evidence of grace in your life.
Prosperity message: Unexpected opportunities and good fortune come your way now. You’re in a phase where any difficulties or obstacles that have stymied your success seem to disappear on their own. Be open to receive. A windfall may come your way, as the windows of opportunity will open wide. Accept the blessings given to you now, and don’t forget to share them.


Essential meanings: Endurance; strength; the long haul.
The Oracle’s Message: To bring your dream to life, you must think long-term and pay no attention to the fluctuations in the current of your experience. Joy and disappointment commingle with opportunities, so there is no need to fear the occasional obstacle. Life is not a sprint. This card is a reminder that you have endurance, strength, and fortitude to carry you all the way, so remain true to yourself. Your authenticity alone will keep you in alignment with the energy of miracles. What is yours will never be withheld from you. Remember that!
Relationship message: You either are in or are calling in a harmonious relationship that can stand the test of time. For better or worse, as you ride the ups and downs—and even strain, break yourself, and are remade in new growth—you are being redeemed by the power of regeneration. Harmony does not mean there will never be a wrong note played but that the relationship is marked by endurance and dedication to overall unity. A new song can be written, an instrument can be tuned, and the symphony of love will play on. Listen with your heart. Isn’t it magnificent?
Prosperity message: Your most precious dreams are not about instant gratification but enduring prosperity. This is a time to think long-term and engage in continued action. You will experience building momentum as you manage the ebb and flow in slow and steady movement forward. Your efforts, concepts, ideas and hard work now can lead to greater riches than you can imagine. Stoke the fire so that an uninterrupted stream of energy is available to support you in all the phases of manifestation. Be assured that you are in the right place right now.



Essential meanings: The taste of prosperity; opportunities born of authenticity; nurturing abundance; trusting that your needs will be met.
The Oracle’s Message: You’ve entered a sweet time in your life, enjoying the “land of milk and honey” that everyone wants to experience. It’s a time that feels more languid than ambitious, when all your senses are awake to the unlimited possibilities in the universe. These times are precious and only come when you’re in your authentic zone, “wearing the world as a loose garment,” not wanting, yet able to be nourished in ways both tangible and subtle. Abundance is an energy that you are a living part of. All your needs are being met. You are given the gift of nourishment in all forms.
Relationship message: Sensuality, connection, and passionate romance between lovers; sweet moments of understanding; and love among friends and family are all here for you to savor now. Your heart’s calling will be answered. Let your thoughts and feelings be sweet with gratitude and your heart will be nourished with the honey of abundance.
Prosperity message: There is only one authentic you. This version of your Self is Spirit’s emissary in the world. When you’re in alignment with the truth that you are a unique expression of the Divine, your ego can rest and your true purpose can arise from your soul. Now is the time when you’re seeking that purpose, and it will well up within you. When you find this direction, you automatically step into prosperity and the world brings you evidence of abundance. Miracles are a choice and a way of seeing the world. With every choice you make right now, you have the potential to step into good fortune and into your destiny. Opportunities will lead you to your best life now. Be open to them. You’re getting a sweet taste of what you want.

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