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The Value and Danger of Predictions

Predictions are amazing! They provide hope. Inspire you to go for it knowing there will be a good outcome, but what happens when you focus on nothing but what you want to happen… that’s the danger. And yes… everybody’s favorite… more myth-busting.

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In three easy steps


Click the card deck image below to shuffle the cards.


From a neutral state of mind, ask your question.


Double-click on 3 cards.



Essential meanings: The spiral quality of events when a lesson isn’t quite integrated; cycles you are challenged to break, revisiting a pattern from a new perspective.
The Oracle’s Message: The appearance of this card is a reminder that although it may appear that you’ve gone backward, the truth is that you are standing at a higher level, looking down into your circumstances. You will learn something, do something better, and break a cycle set up in the past. You actually have a bird’s-eye view over your initial footprints and can access the wisdom and lessons learned.
Relationship message: Are you wondering, How did I get here again? Does something feel familiar right now in your dynamics with others? Maybe a little too familiar? Don’t be surprised that you’ve found yourself repeating an old story with the same sort of person, who may not look similar but who attracted you because of your easy acquaintance with his or her qualities. Your relationship is a mix of what is good and what is potentially challenging. You have been drawn to this person through the perfection of Spirit’s plan for your evolution. You may have circled back to an accustomed spot, a familiar place, but that’s fine as you get to do things again, only differently this time, for you learned something of great value since the last time around. How will you choose to behave now that you’re aware? Remain curious and stay out of the blame game.
Prosperity message: If you’re in a circumstance that appears to be an echo of something that’s already happened in the past in your work life, it is because you’re being invited to see what you couldn’t see before. This is a perfect time for you to look at the deeper motives and attraction you have to the opportunities and people who have entered your life to be part of your journey to prosperity. Who helps you navigate? Who sabotages you? Who supports you? What are the familiar signs, and your responses to them, when you find yourself in a repeat of a pattern of the past? It’s a good time to get a coach or mentor who can help you see what you can’t on your own. Repeat what works, not what doesn’t. Then you will free yourself from the old cycles and cease going round and round.


Essential meanings: Creativity; art; inspiration; fruition; manifestation.
The Oracle’s Message: You may not consider yourself a creative person, but in fact you are creating your reality every moment of every day via your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and actions. Yet you must consider that you do so in partnership with Spirit, Consciousness, God, or whatever name you call your Higher Power. You are a spark of this Intelligence that works through you, nudging you with inspired thought and intuitive guidance. You are a paintbrush that co-creates a beautiful, unique expression of your own individuality blended with that of Spirit. You are a product of Divine inspiration, and now you’re aligned with it to create miracles in your life. When you view your life as art, and know you co-create it, only inspired beauty and grace result. Prepare to be amazed.
Relationship message: Connections of the heart serve to inspire you, opening you up to new ideas you would never have come to on your own. You are looking in a mirror held up by this experience and seeing yourself in an unexpected way. Who is this extraordinary being looking back at you? You are going to be so happy that you kept your heart open! Your love is a unique work of art now, the very embodiment of beauty.
Prosperity message: Flashes of inspiration give rise to great success when you receive this message. You are at your most creative now, and whatever you apply yourself to will lead to the fruition of your dreams. Remember that all your ideas are channeled from a higher Source. You create your reality in partnership with Spirit. The potential for manifestation is unlimited now. Revel in its vastness.


Essential meanings: Rebirth; second chances; new opportunities.
The Oracle’s Message: Second chances are available to you now. Whatever opportunities you thought were dead are springing forth with new life, in a more authentic, stronger, and more powerful form. Whatever you may have perceived as a failure or loss is now being replaced by something better than you can imagine growing in its place. This rebirth is assured. Step into your new life. Destiny is being fulfilled in wondrous ways.
Relationship message: The world is based on connections and relationships. No matter what has happened in the past or even now for loss, death and endings are only illusions. There is life after death, love after loss, and in this moment, you are blooming with the regenerating life-force energy that makes you irresistible to love in all forms. Now is the time that you will see evidence of this new emergence. Can you feel it? Love is rising up to greet you.
Prosperity message: What happens when it appears that you’ve failed at something? Do you see the beauty in the lesson? The understanding that comes from difficulties is like a seed that lies dormant for a time. Then, when the time is right, new life begins to spring forth. Success begins to bloom and delight you. It is becoming apparent that there is a new you, a new start. There is a more powerful version and form of what you began to plant in the garden of your imagination. New opportunities are much better than those that came before and appear as if as a gift from the gods. Now is one of those times when out of seeming loss and failure comes remarkable abundance. Do not dwell on the past because you really are experiencing a rebirth.

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