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The Value and Danger of Predictions

Predictions are amazing! They provide hope. Inspire you to go for it knowing there will be a good outcome, but what happens when you focus on nothing but what you want to happen… that’s the danger. And yes… everybody’s favorite… more myth-busting.

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In three easy steps


Click the card deck image below to shuffle the cards.


From a neutral state of mind, ask your question.


Double-click on 3 cards.



Essential meanings: Motives driving intention; the power of knowing the “why.”
The Oracle’s Message: There is great power in understanding your motives right now. The Oracle asks you to be very clear about why you’re doing this, asking this question, looking for this answer, behaving in this way, and most important, making this choice. Check your motives, for knowing your “why” is the key to your success. When you are clear about it, your intention will then be a magnet for miracles. Motives define the nature of your experience—when you think about something, feel it, and then act on it. This invisible “why” is the life-force energy within the seed, which will brings it to life and holds the potential for growth.
Relationship message: We don’t always know why we engage in our relationships in the way we do, mostly because our feelings aren’t always logical. Now is the time to recognize whether you are being triggered by someone else, or if your behavior is motivated by unresolved issues in the past. When you ask yourself, Why am I feeling like this? and Why did I say that? and spend some time in introspection, the answers may be surprising. Listen to the messages from your intuition, from the knowing deep within you. What does it tell you about yourself and others? In the end, life is all about being loved. Miracles, and deep understanding of your needs and how to get them met, are the buried treasures of the “why.” Uncover them by posing the most powerful question you can ask yourself and your partner today: Why?
Prosperity message: Knowing the motives behind your career and creative ventures is the key to your greatest success. It’s the time to ask yourself some probing questions. Are you driven by a desire to serve? Does your prosperity impact the greater good? When you envision your most prosperous life, are you guided by a sense of purpose or by a need to make money, acquire things, save for the future . . . or all of these? No motive is bad or good, but having agendas hidden from yourself will lead to disappointment and possibly failure. Be clear about why you want the things you do. If the motives are true, accept them. If they are not, change them so you can step into your extraordinary life.


Essential meanings: Courage; taking a leap of faith; overcoming fear and accepting risk.
The Oracle’s Message: Facing the unknown is the only choice you really have right now if you want to progress. It’s okay to be afraid. Now is the time to take a risk that is not calculated—to feel the exhilaration as you ready yourself for a leap of faith. Spirit is present, so let go of fear. You are called to express your true self. Listen to your heart and soul, not your head. Come to the edge and discover that you can fly. You must step into what you don’t know so that you may find your miracles.
Relationship message: It’s scary to be truly intimate with someone, to allow him or her to see all of you, especially the parts of you that you’ve kept hidden and protected. Now is the time to take that risk and let yourself be seen, truly seen. It’s important that you speak up, say what you need, say who you are, say what you hope for. This is not the time to play it safe but to take a leap of faith. You will be glad you did. If you’re seeking a relationship the same applies. Take one step towards the gods and they will deliver what you truly desire if you do.
Prosperity message: If ever there was a time for you to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown, it is now. This is the perfect moment to take a big risk. The unknown is the only choice now, and if you take the leap, you will discover treasure beyond your wildest dreams. Allow your courage to lead you in spite of your fears. You don’t need to know the exact form of what you’re going for. The essence is much more powerful and Spirit has a way of delivering an even better version of prosperity than you could imagine. Take that step. The results will be amazing.


Essential meanings: Birth of new ideas; growth; opportunities; a breath of fresh air; life renewing itself.
The Oracle’s Message: When spring awakens the world, joy and excitement can be felt all around and in your very core. Blossoms burst from trees overnight, birds return home and sing their glorious song, and nature is full of promise. Miracles beckon all of us. This is one of those times in your life when new ideas inspire you and new opportunities bring you hope for seeing your dreams come true. All is well in your world, and you have all the energy you need. You feel renewed and have every reason to be optimistic. Allow your heart to fill with enthusiasm. Let your light shine, for this is a time of good fortune.
Relationship message: New energy enters old relationships, and new relationships are bursting with the sweetness of aromas and textures and whispers only encountered when winter gives way to spring. This is a time to connect with others and share excitement, passion, and hearts full of joy. This card is a very auspicious sign with respect to love and partnerships in all forms.
Prosperity message: You have every reason to be optimistic right now as things seem to fall into place magically. New opportunities remind you that abundance is available to you. Delight in the bounty as it begins to appear in surprising forms. Stay curious and know that your hopes and dreams are being fulfilled. It’s as if new life suddenly infuses your projects, work, and creative ideas with a kind of electricity that crackles with exciting potential. Fortune is smiling on you.

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