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The Value and Danger of Predictions

Predictions are amazing! They provide hope. Inspire you to go for it knowing there will be a good outcome, but what happens when you focus on nothing but what you want to happen… that’s the danger. And yes… everybody’s favorite… more myth-busting.

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In three easy steps


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From a neutral state of mind, ask your question.


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Essential meanings: Abiding by social rules; conformity; respecting cultural or family customs; universal laws.
The Oracle’s Message: The universe works within a structure of Divine laws and principles that provide a framework for human experience and evolution. The Law of Abundance, the Law of Prayer, the Law of Karma, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Thought, the Law of Compensation, and the Law of Nature are only a few that are known to us. These principles create perfect order and operate with a kind of precision beyond human understanding. Even revolution has its place in universal law. Human beings, in turn, have their own laws and customs that vary from culture to culture and family to family. Our laws keep social order and govern human behavior, reflecting our instinctive understanding that harmony is important. This is a time to learn these laws and conform to them, rather than being the rebel and flouting the rules. When this card appears, submit to structure and follow the rules even if they seem to make no sense. Release resistance, for universal laws will correct any disharmony. Open your eyes to those universal laws and it will be easier go by the book at this time.
Relationship message: Getting along with others includes understanding and respecting who they have become as a result of their environment, culture, and experience. Find the middle ground that allows the relationship to flourish while honoring the individuality of the other person. Go by the book instead of trying to break the rules or pressure others to conform to the way you want to do things. Your connection will deepen as a result.
Prosperity message: At this time, you can expect a return on your investment. Whatever you have pursued—be it a dream you’ve long cherished, a skill you’ve cultivated, or a service you’re called to—will come to you if you are willing to go by the book. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. Follow in the footsteps of others who have already achieved the things you’re striving for. You can learn a lot by observing the structures that are already working. Your creative projects and commitment to prosperity are in alignment with the needs of the world, but impatience may tempt you to cut corners to get there more quickly. Stick with what you know works, and you will achieve and attract abundance.


Essential meanings: The spiral quality of events when a lesson isn’t quite integrated; cycles you are challenged to break, revisiting a pattern from a new perspective.
The Oracle’s Message: The appearance of this card is a reminder that although it may appear that you’ve gone backward, the truth is that you are standing at a higher level, looking down into your circumstances. You will learn something, do something better, and break a cycle set up in the past. You actually have a bird’s-eye view over your initial footprints and can access the wisdom and lessons learned.
Relationship message: Are you wondering, How did I get here again? Does something feel familiar right now in your dynamics with others? Maybe a little too familiar? Don’t be surprised that you’ve found yourself repeating an old story with the same sort of person, who may not look similar but who attracted you because of your easy acquaintance with his or her qualities. Your relationship is a mix of what is good and what is potentially challenging. You have been drawn to this person through the perfection of Spirit’s plan for your evolution. You may have circled back to an accustomed spot, a familiar place, but that’s fine as you get to do things again, only differently this time, for you learned something of great value since the last time around. How will you choose to behave now that you’re aware? Remain curious and stay out of the blame game.
Prosperity message: If you’re in a circumstance that appears to be an echo of something that’s already happened in the past in your work life, it is because you’re being invited to see what you couldn’t see before. This is a perfect time for you to look at the deeper motives and attraction you have to the opportunities and people who have entered your life to be part of your journey to prosperity. Who helps you navigate? Who sabotages you? Who supports you? What are the familiar signs, and your responses to them, when you find yourself in a repeat of a pattern of the past? It’s a good time to get a coach or mentor who can help you see what you can’t on your own. Repeat what works, not what doesn’t. Then you will free yourself from the old cycles and cease going round and round.


Essential meanings: Self-criticism; the wounded ego; unnecessary dramas.
The Oracle’s Message: There is a story woven through the imperfect fabric of life that tells of hurt and loss, rejection and humiliation, self-loathing and arrogance, and all manner of suffering born of unnecessary dramas. It is the old story whose refrain is that you cannot do this, must not go there, should not say that—lest the world come crumbling down. Today, know that none of this is actually true. The sky is not falling. The voice you hear is just a small, scared, conditioned part of you that got stuck in a lie, wants to protect you, and needs to be seen as a victim. Love that lost piece of you. Fear is all it knows. Distorted guidance is preventing you from being true to yourself. You are not your story, and the narrator is simply the voice of your fearful part, small and vulnerable and easily soothed.
Relationship message: Sometimes your heart enters into a contract with another that results in pain, not because of abuse or neglect but for other, more complex reasons. Shame, fear of intimacy, and low self-esteem are the greatest challenges to the success of a relationship. Consider how valuable this knowledge is, however. Right now you have an opportunity for important healing, but you must reflect on the stories you weave about love, connection, abandonment, rejection, and loneliness. Not only do you need to begin a new story; you need to forgive yourself for telling yourself the old one. Have compassion for the part of you that believes all those lies. None of them were ever true anyway.
Prosperity message: Fear, envy, procrastination, greed, and the perception of victimhood could all be active in your life at this moment. Are you comparing yourself with others, thinking their success should be yours? Maybe you’re afraid of all the good that is coming your way, so you step out of your lane, totally aware of what you’re doing but seemingly powerless to change it? Are you back where you started, or in a situation that reminds you of past failures? Financial insecurities scaring you? You must learn to love yourself through missteps and sabotaging moments. Use criticism constructively right now. Better yet, stop telling this story altogether. Make up a new one. The Universe loves you deeply and will wait for you to figure it out. Tell a new story and success is all but guaranteed. You can do it!

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